Swapping in a 2.0 36mm oil pump. Heads up.

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Swapping in a 2.0 36mm oil pump. Heads up.

Post by Briano1234 »

Due to a flaky intermittent low oil pressure light at idle when the temp was at 110 degrees I decided to upgrade my oil pump.
I checked the oil pressure mechanically and it was in spec, the 2000 rpm 2bar was correct as well, and I had installed a new sender (which was
not even close it had made my pressures even lower than before (cheap Chinese knock-off) I had the sneaky impression that the pressure relief valve in the pump had gone flaky so erring on the side of caution, I changed the pump.

I purchased a 2.0L 36mm pump from GAP.
I ordered a new switch from Autohausaz.
On my 90's I had pump bolts that were long enough, on some older engines you need to upgrade the mounting bolts to 8x90mm.

The new FEBI switch wasn't the same as it had no notch on the can, but was labeled correctly on the wires.
I dropped the pan, unbolted the pump.

Swapping the pump was easy enough I even got the oil windage tray removed without breaking it.
When trying to bolt the pan up, I had an issue with the pan wouldn't bolt up and was about 1/4 inch from sealing.

The pick up tube on the new oil pump was longer than the previous.
I had to swap the pick-up tube off the old pump to get the pan to bolt up.

Seems that I remembered that the previous upgraded pump on the Green Car had the same fitment issue. So be warned to swap the pickup tube off
your old pump prior to fitting the pump.

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