Throttle Cable

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Throttle Cable

Post by allibug »

Hey Everyone!

I am doing a little restoration project on an '88. The throttle cable was broken in about 4 places, so we ordered a new one from ECS. What showed up is much shorter and has a nut at the end of the cable, rather than the fitting that goes over the ball stud, which is what I have.

Question is: Is there an adapter or do we need another cable?


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Re: Throttle Cable

Post by Briano1234 »

Sound as if they shipped the wrong cable, or the correct cable for the wrong car.
Is your car automatic, or manual?

The Automatics have the Accelerator cable from the pedal to the Transmission, then a separate cable from the Kickdown arm to the Throttlebody.

Manuals all go from the pedal to the Throttlebody and is a little shorter than the automatic one.

But regardless they should have a black plastic fitting on one end that the clip will go over to lock it on the Ball stud.

If you can snap a picture of it that would be great.
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