Removing digifant injectors

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Removing digifant injectors

Post by Thicketmatt »

I want to clean my injectors and replace the rubber seals. Any suggestions on how to pull the injectors out? Can i do it by hand, or should I use a tool like on the CIS units? Thanks
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Re: Removing digifant injectors

Post by Briano1234 »

Remove the connectors on the injectors and off the injector rail.
Remove the 2 5mm allens on the Fuel pressure regulator
Take the fuel rail off 2 5mm or 6mm allens can't remember 5mm is probably right
With a flat blade PRY the Injector rail up in the direction that the injectors are in.
Some of the injectors will usually come out with the rail.
For the others use a pair of hose pliers (I have a 12 inch long one that has the circle meet. Then pry up and out.
See my how to for cleaning the injectors as you will need a 9vdc battery and carb cleaner.

But the O-rings for no more than 8 bucks for all 8 at

When re-installing them use a little gas, or charcoal lighter to lubricate them.

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