81 cabby 1.7 CPR rebuild

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81 cabby 1.7 CPR rebuild

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I finally found the pressure gauge and adapters to run the pressure test and I discovered a couple of things right off, plenty of pressure on inlet of fuel filter but not so much on outlet. (45 - 50) going to replace filter, open valve to test cpr and pressure to high (40) took cpr apart found screens clogged, cleaned out, clean out the passage ways in the round regulator piece. My questions are the mounting bolt,for metal arm, has not been disturbed but I understand that it can be pressed in and out for adjustment and the round iron port regulator is also pressed in. Is there a place to start with (how far in) on these 2 locations. and best way to adjust to get hot/cold settings for the CPR. Any help would be welcome.
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Re: 81 cabby 1.7 CPR rebuild

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I've never rebuilt one, or disassembled one, so I can't directly answer your question. But this may help: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.p ... ustability .
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