Headlight Relay Diagram

Change overs from US spec to Euro's or slightly newer conversions. Changes to the rear lighting or interior can be talked about here as well.

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Re: Headlight Relay Diagram

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gull wrote:Those of you who do those super neat and tidy stereo installs that I've been looking at in other threads are gonna laugh at my crude workmanship, though.
Hey, function over form. :wink:

I relayed my lights last year (I'm now running H4 crystal clears). Here's the wiring harness:

Here's where the relays were installed:

Before (stock sealed-beams):
10.68v :rolleyes:

After (stock sealed-beams):
13.36v :mrgreen:

DIY instructions, including diagrams: http://www.cabby-info.com/Files/Relayin ... lights.pdf .

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