GA GTG @ Jocks and Jill in Macon

Did you have a small Get To Gether or spot a line of cabby's somewhere and take a few pics, link them here.

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GA GTG @ Jocks and Jill in Macon

Post by Oneabsolute »

I know some of you other guys and gals are in GA as well; therefore, here's some pics of GTG that you missed.

Only two Cabbies were there but plenty of other dubs as well.

Not all my pictures.
Rest of mine can be seen here: ... =840493188 ... =840493188

Some pictures came from this thread on the Vortex:
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Re: GA GTG @ Jocks and Jill in Macon

Post by kamzcab86 »

Pretty good turnout. :thumbup:

And, hey, even Princess Leia likes VWs! :mrgreen:
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Re: GA GTG @ Jocks and Jill in Macon

Post by Briano1234 »

Well If'n I had know a tad sooner, but gee that previous Saturday I started at 7:00pm, and didn't get off the phone till 12:00noon Sunday, then I had to be back on the Phone @ 6:00p . It would of been nice to have a chance to meet some of ya.

Nice place Jock's been there a time or two on my many sojourns to Statesboro.

See William, I have days that never end too.

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