Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas.

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Well it is that time of year, and for a early Christmas Present, I had to swap the Transmission out on the Green car as the internals for reverse busticated..........So Chris, and I got it swapped out and finished at 1:30pm yesterday, as I was under pressure as I needed 3 cars.....
Chris and I drove to Copperhill Tenn to get the transmission picked up Friday of last week, Thursday I got the approval of my surgeon that it was ok to do limited things.....(yep had surgery the week before, and 7 days on a Catheter...So it was a "really Pleasant" drive to Tennessee to pick it up NOT)....Saturday was a problem, as I was having back issues and could only take Demerol, So I started the process of dropping and swapping on Sunday, and well it wasn't that fun as I could only do a little at a time but the Job got finished, and the trannny was hung on the Chassis with Care, got stymied by the Torque convertor feet and the timing plate being mismatched..... I was looking to prevent that...dangggggit. So that stopped me on Monday from getting it together until Chris got off of work to help me... But 4 hours of Business yesterday and Gee it was running again....

Daughter came home from Washington, Visited new granddaughter, exchanged gifts, and well it was a very pleasant Christmas after all..

Hope each one of yall are doing great, and having a good time today.

Merry Christmas.....

Brian at TwinCityVW in Copperhill was a pleasure to meet again as it had been years since I first met him, as I think I was one of the first to get the new mk1 raintray that they made a repro of...Lots of older mk1's in his yard..... Brian used to be in Marietta at VWPartsCity.....

Yes as matter of fact, I have the Luck o'the Irish...everything I touch turns to fertilizer of the bovine variety.
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