Helpful Brake Hint.

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Helpful Brake Hint.

Post by Briano1234 »

T'was the day before Christmas, and low and behold I lost a wheel Cylinder... No worries I had a spare.
Getting it off took a little creative effort, as one of the Allen bolts Stripped.

Remove the backing plate, left-handed drill bit and it's out. Run to my Favorite Hardware store to get a few, and missed it by 10 minutes...Closed @ 1 Christmas Eve.
No worries off to the Parts store and my Shoes didn't make it to the store... Okay now I have to wait.

But I did have time to clean it all up, and discover that the Acorn bolt that holds the front seat rail is a M6X1.0 Allen that is a direct fit.

So if you ever need an Allen for that Cylinder, you have a Spare in the Drivers or Passengers seat. Just be sure that you replace it with a bolt to stop the slide.... :) until you get it replaced. :)

So now I have to wait for Wednesday Morning to get 4 new Allens, and my shoes.

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