1984 Rebuild

Doing a restoration or putting the car back to stock, post your builds here

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Re: 1984 Rebuild

Post by Briano1234 »

Didn't realize how old the original post was....Dang........... reminds me of my first car bought it in late 69, didn't drive it until aug of 73, and unlike today I got a hell of a backlash ribbing from my "friends or Anti-Social Media" " You have a Car in your Basement? ha ha ha ha ha ..." in high school and while most of it was in the basement engine/tranny, various bits and pieces for R&R the body was in the back yard being worked on and repaired. When I drove it the first day of Senior year you should of seen the jaws drop.

Hardiest congratulations..........Well done "Skippy".

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Re: 1984 Rebuild

Post by 84Vert »

Thanks Brian, Started it up this past weekend and it really ran good, now that it is running the "to do" list is a lot smaller:)
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