Transmission oil leak

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Transmission oil leak

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"Luvi" had an annoying drip leak from the left transmission drive flange area ( Bentley 9-16). Oil would blow back and eventually coat everything in its path. The right side was fine. Garage floor and flange showed exactly where it was coming from. I changed the output flange seal . The drips continued. Thinking I may have miss installed it I replaced it again...same result.
I had given the output flange what I thought a good visual check in the area where the seal made contact. There was some minor imperfections but they did not look like they would cause a problem. Out of ideas I ordered/installed (German Auto Parts) a new drive flange. The leaks stopped immediately. It's been 2K miles since with no signs of oil.
It was pretty dramatic how quickly the problem went away once the new flange was installed.
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Re: Transmission oil leak

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I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

There are only so many things that can fail, so it really doesn't suprise me that it was the flange.

Thanks for sharing. It is something I will keep an eye on.

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