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Use this area for the sales of non-commercial VW/Cabriolet parts. Registration is required to post in this area.

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Parts Exchange

Post by kuklaki »

If you are like most older watercooled owners, you have a bunch of spare parts laying around the garage cluttering up the shelves, but you just cannot just get rid of them because they are still good.

Well, this is your chance to get yourself organized. Exclusive to TRF, POST UP YOUR SCHTUFF!

:idea: Rules:
To reply to this particular sticky, only list parts that are for free (or shipping only) or that are for trade. All parts you wish to sell should still be in a separate thread.

If you are looking to trade, please be specific as to what you have to offer, and what it is you are looking for.

I hope this will be of use to everyone!! Have fun! :wink:
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Post by dubchickshubby »

Seems us Wabbit owners are pack rats.... :lol:

I've got an '82 Scirocco that has "most" of it's parts avaialble. 1.7 8V less CIS, Knackered 5 speed. Interior is stripped. No exhaust. There's some other misc. stuff missing, but I can't recall at this time.

Anybody need anything? Just give me a holler if I can help. Just cover the shipping. If you're in the Southern RI area and have a truck just load her up and drive off with it.
I'm sure DubChick will give you a big ol hug just for cleaning up her driveway!
Her car, my tools. It's all about sharing!
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