Replacing a Cut Brake Line to Strut Grommet.

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Replacing a Cut Brake Line to Strut Grommet.

Post by Briano1234 »

Brake line grommet.

How many of you like me have had to work on brakes or struts and when removing the brake line from the Strut you noticed that the Grommet was cut.


Well you can Irish engineer it to be reused, or better yet replace it.

The grommet part number is 171611819

They are available on the web ... 171611819/

Cheaper at the Dealer ... 11819.html

To replace it;

Remove the Brake hose from the Caliper.
Using Lube of your choice on the grommet, you can place it over the hose nipple, then use a small screwdriver to pry one side over the fitting, then holding that with your finger, take the small screw driver and force the other side over the fitting then slide up in place.

Return the brake line to the Caliper, bleed the brakes.

Be warned that the caliper to hose position when you remove the Caliper from the hose to keep the position the same or you can have a twist in your brake line.

You can remove the hose at the hard line connection and do the same ether way works, but remember to bleed the brake lines.

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