Briano's Door Check repair.

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Briano's Door Check repair.

Post by Briano1234 »

When I bought my Cabby, I purchased it with a Dinged door.


Well the Door check was stressed and one of the welds broke, but the other finally gave up the Ghost, and my door wouldn't stay open, and popped when I closed it....


While the real repair is here: ... st_1354305

It involves cutting and welding, taking the knee bar out the Carpet out or away to a point.

I like usual decided to go another route. Yes I could of welded the thing to the Pillar on the Bottom, I have a wire welder, But decided to try something else, after seeing that some cars did the same and others used a Screwed on Binder to hold the Check, I decided to try it. Now I could of cut the thing off but I figured with my Luck, it would rattle inside... and I hate rattles.

I used a few power tools, as in my Grinder, and Sawzall, most things are in your tool box, as in Hacksaw, and files….

I tried to locate a 90 degree angle bracket but had issues with bending the steel as it was soft and usually tore with or without heat as I was trying to get it bent right… Sooooo Back to the drawing board.

From a Piece of Square stock that I had, I drew out the 45 degree arm movement that I would need. By making the Angle I got a Longer side for the pin.....


I used a sawzall to cut the piece out.

Knowing that I really needed 2 of the pieces in opposite directions. I cut the Square stock in half by the long corners.

I ended up with a upper and lower set:

I used a grinder and a Pair of Vice Grips to hold the pieces together so I could grind them the same shape.

After Center drilling a 5/16 in hole at the long ends Paying attention to Keeping the Two Pieces together to get the hole in the same location. As well as a 3/16 in hole in the Short side (for my attachment screw or Rivet.)

I cleaned and sanded the Metal, and Primed it well. 3 coats.

After allowing the Primer to dry, I took out the pin for the door check. Placing the 2 brackets on top and bottom of the Broken check, I inserted the pin and clamped them with small vice grips, and used the 3/16 drill to drill through the sill of the “A” Pillar. I unclamped it, and took it back to my pain booth.
(ok Cardboard box)

Having the Paint shop make up rattle cans of one stage paint, I sprayed 3 coats to all sides of the brackets, followed by 2 clear coats. (color matched by computer)…


Next and Last I place the brackets on top and bottom, used the Pin to hold it all together, and using Stainless Steel Rivets to Rivet it to the Pillar, I decided to add a washer to the head side for increased gripping strength…. but in the process I broke my old trusty POP riveter…Dam and it was only 15 years old….

So I went to my fall back a 10mm Washered Sheet Metal Screw black in the Pick-a-nut section that was about 5/16.
and screwed the bottom in….. it was late and I the store where I could buy a new Hydraulic Rivet Gun was closed….

After the Job was over, I hit the arm and top bolt with paint and clear.

From this:



My door Stays open now, I don't have to possibly hurt the Speaker Pods with my foot or knee, and I have no "pop" noise when I open or close my door.

Just another way that I did it.

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