Alternator Tune-up

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Alternator Tune-up

Post by Briano1234 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:37 am

My Alternator Regulator decided to go out yesterday.
So I checked to see that I had the 12V Battery on the main lead.
I had 11.5 on the Exciter lead….
So that left the Regulator as the issue as the Battery light worked fine to tell me it decided to depart the earth.

I removed the Negative, and Positive Battery cables, Cleaned the posts and connections, then reattached the Positive and sprayed with anti-corrosion paint as usual.

I reached through my parts stash and picked out a new Yard Sourced regulator and decided to
Tune it up, No I didn’t do the Diode upgrade, but between my bad one and my yard find I noticed that I could spruce the connections up a wee bit.

The new one had some tarnish at the connective points.

Main Body Connection:

Regulator to body screw sleeve:

Main inner case connection

Using a wire Brush and a small file for the Body-to-screw sleeve I shined them up a wee bit.





Prior to installing I cleaned the screw hole for the case mount, as well as the heads of the screws themselves.

Just something that one should do on a regular basis.
oh, and I reattached the ground…

As a side note I did my other cabby for sake of argument, and noticed that 2 things happened after cleaning.

I didn’t have to goose the throttle to eliminate the battery light on start, and on my gauge I went from 13.75 to 14V. now that isn’t a lot of difference, but it is a difference…. Just another ground related issue I suppose.

My DVOM went from 13.85 before on the battery to 14V.

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