1990ish Ignition switch replacement.

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1990ish Ignition switch replacement.

Post by Briano1234 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:00 am

To replace the ignition switch in a 1990ish Cabriolet.

Disconnect the Ground off the battery wait about 5-to-10 minutes.

Use a torx 25 to remove the 2 torx that hold the air bag to the steering wheel.
Carefully remove the airbag, and disconnect the red connector place the airbag on the passenger floor
air bag up.

Mark the orientation of the steering shaft to the steering wheel.

Remove the shifter handle.
Remove the 3 bolts that hold the center console to the heater box and to the transmission hump.
Lift out of the way and place it on the passenger side.

On the left and right side of the Knee bar remove the 2 bolts and loosen the 2 nuts that
hold the knee bar to the "a" pillar.



Lower the knee bar and or pivot it so that you can get to the 2 screws on the bottom shaft cover.
Knee bar in place.

Knee bar lowered

Loosen the 28mm nut off the steering shaft and spin off till it is held in place by 3 threads.
Grap the steering wheel and jerk loose, it will stop on the nut.
With the steering wheel loose, you can remove the nut and washer and seering wheel.

Take the clock spring off the shaft assembly.

Loosen the 3 screws that hold the turn signal/ washer assembly on.
Remove the stalks.

With a block of wood under the steering shaft u-joint on the floor of the car, you want to keep positive
upward force on the steering shaft.

Remove the 2 Phillips screws that hold the lower shaft cover to the upper cover.
Remove the covers

Remove the "c" snap ring clip off the shaft.
Remove the Spring and collar, remember the direction of both.

Loosen the 5mm or 6mm Allen on the left side of the upper steering lock bearing switch housing.
Slightly pry the piece apart so it will come off the shaft.

As you pull the Bearing housing off disconnect the wires off the ignition switch.
Holding the housing in your hand you can now get to the one Phillips screw that holds the
Ignition switch to the housing assembly.

Replace the bearing housing, reconnect the wires to the switch.
Replace the collar and spring, be sure that you keep upwards pressure on the inner shaft as if it has moved, there will not be
enought space for you to compress the spring to replace the snap ring.

Replace the Stalk assembly.

Replace the covers.

Replace the clock spring, but you have to find the center.
Rotate the inner spring fully clockwise till it stops and you can rotate it any more.
Then count the number of turns that it takes counter clockwise till it stops turning.

Rotate the clockspring back 1/2 the number of turns. Now place it on the shaft.

Replace the steering wheel and align the marks.

Replace the washer then the nut and tighten to about a real good honk of the ratchet.

Replace the connector of the airbag.

Tighten the 2 Torx, One good honk there too. Not a super honk...

Now replace the Battery connection, and test the new switch.

If it works, then you have to replace the knee bar and clean up and your done.

Pre-1990 Cabriolets don't have the air bag, clock spring and or lowering of the knee bar.
so it is a tad easier and quicker.

Do not apply power to the car with the air-bag removed otherwise you will get the air bag lights from hades,
and have to try to reset them.

See: Resetting the Airbag lights.....
http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.p ... 80%99s-how.


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