Radiator Fan Switch Replacement.

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Radiator Fan Switch Replacement.

Post by Briano1234 » Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:15 pm

I needed to replace the Radiator Fan switch, and I didn't want to Jack the car up and Crawl under it again.
So I tried a new way and it worked as well, I didn't have to get under the car.

O'Reilly's has the cheapest one around 16 bucks, Napa, Pepboys @ 25 bucks. Autozone was close but didn't have it in stock.

See my how to for Trimming the Radiator shroud. I did a easier way to replace it, you still loose antifreeze but it is easier than crawling out under the car.

See my making things easier thread for trimming the radiator shroud.

Remove the upper clamps off the radiator.
Remove the Top radiator card.
Remove the Connector off the Fan.
Remove the battery.
Remove the Radiator Shroud 4 10mm bolts.
Loosen the Lower Radiator Hose clamp and rotate the hose so it ca freely spin, do not remove.
Loosen the Upper Radiator hose clamp and rotate the hose so it can freely spin, do not remove.
Loosen the over flow hose clamp and rotate the hose so it can freely spin, do not remove.

You can now lift the radiator out of the lower pin mounts and Tilt it up on the driver side to get to the switch.
Using a large Cresent wrench loosen the Fan switch.
On your new switch use a bead of RED or Ultra-black rtv around the threads.
Remove the switch from the Radiator. let it drain..... Catch it in a pan... But before re-use, you will need to probably strain it.
Clean the port, screw in the new switch until it is tight and can't spin.

Loosening the Hose clamps allows the hoses to swivel and not damage or torsion break the Radiator.

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