Atlanta Ranked number one.

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Atlanta Ranked number one.

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It is with great pleasure that Atlanta has made it in to the top ten places in the country for Traffic.
Number 1. Pasghetti (ok, spaghetti)Junction, yes is was designed with the greatest of care to enable a traffic jam at a moments notice.
This is I-285, and I-85 north interchange, it was named by Scott Slade I think from WSB TV traffic reporter as they were building it, and the name stuck.
I only imagine that the I-285, and I-75 will get worse now that the Brave have moved their franchise there, and that was never a nice place to be at rush hour in itself. I guess that is Cobb, county trying to one up Dekalb...for worst rankings. Yes the I-285, and I-75 is ranked at number 9

I have fond memories of this inter-change in the 70's when I drove from the Coast of N.C. to N.O.L.A. a lot, and when I moved here in the early 80's as they were fond of moving on and off ramps of this at a moments notice, no one ever really knew what was what. I first drove here in a large u-haul and it was at night, and the flashing lights on the barricades were pretty. I mentioned to the wife at the time that I imagine in the day it looks really bad.

The Coats of ICE the first years when Atlanta didn't have great snow removal made it one slippery slope, and we all can take pride in ranking number 1 for the worst trucker bottle necks in the country. I know I have been stuck for hours by a wreck on it...

What is great to say, We're number 1. ... /487995617

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