Evil Thoughts on Headliners.

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Evil Thoughts on Headliners.

Post by Briano1234 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:39 pm

Since I am getting ready to replace all 3 layers on my Blue cabby, as I was driving I had a evil thought, or was it a inspirational insight.

Knowing how it all goes together, I was thinking how would one make a headliner that could be removed and re-installed easily.
So I was thinking.....

Snaps, you could use a series of snaps to hold the headliner at the front edge and corners, beefing it up with a piece of thin plastic, Holding it to the bars across the top Velco, or snaps there as well and on the back edge to Velcro, and snaps to hold the headliner to the parcel shelf under sides. It could then be easily replaced if torn, washed if dirty, and made out of most any type of material, ie: headliner foam material, Plaid, Perf, Clear Vinyl, and or headliners made in the style of the German or American Flag..... You could even hold the headliner to the bars with Direct or indirect snaps as well and you can cover the snaps with Material as you place them so they wouldn't be as noticible.....

Evil Thought, or inspirational insight?

Your thoughts would be appreciated....

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