Cops in illinois are about as intelligent at my dog.

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Cops in illinois are about as intelligent at my dog.

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ok after a long fought battle (only long because i didn't know what i was doing so i put it off) my wife's old 97 neon is running again. all i had to do was replace the connecting rod bearings which was surprisingly easy. a little background info: this car hasn't ran since early sept. '05. i pulled it to my new house in march this year and it has been sitting out back, not moving since. well my cabby is acting up again and i asked some people about fixing the connecting rod bearins in the neon and decided to take a stab at it, did it after work on saturday and sunday, and when i got home today (tech yesterday) there was an orange tow sticker on my car. the damn thing has been sitting there since march, and the day i fix it the cops put a tow sticker on it. glad they did it now and not back in march or they would have taken the car, now all i have to do is drive it around front =] good to know the police have something to do around here.

on another note, since the car has sat so long, do you guys have any suggestions about it? i replaced the air filter. it took a little bit for it to start, but once i had it started and kept it started with the gas a little it idled fine so i took it around the block a few times and it was running fine. even started right up after i turned it off. anything else i should worry about? i think i'm going to replace the spark plugs because i don't know when the last time they were replaced was. thanks.

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Well the fact of the matter is I have quite a few relations in the Police Forces across Central Illinois former Chiefs current Captains, and Lt's SGT's and the like the Cops may have seen your car on jack stands and that prompted the drive by stickering, but from my own personal experience is that one of your neighbors finally ratted you out.

I parked a car at the top of my hill for about 3 months, it was licensed and Insured I just didn't have anyone driving it. I got stickerd, so i moved it around and washed the dirt off of it, and the police never bothered it again.

As far as the sitting for a spell I would be worried that the tires may have developed flat spots, and that laquer deposits may have formed in the tank and lines. I would put a can of Stabil in the tank as well as some gas line anti freeze to absorb any water. Possibly spray carb cleaner in the carb while it is running or the throttle body if injected to clean any loose stuff from there. I would also probably dose the tank with injector cleaner too.

Change the oil and the tranny fluid (tranny is optional)

Change the Brake fluid as sitting that long isn't a good think as it is hydroscopic and can asorb water from the air.

Watch the tires as on a rabbit I had stored for 6 months on concrete the tires had flat spots that eventually through the tread off of one. I got all the tires replaced via warranty.

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Why not take the subject sticker and apply it to one of Illonois finests' cars while it is parked at a local donut shop? 8)

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change the oil, flush the antifreeze you got the air filter, get a full tank of gas, and after that tank of gas change the fuel filter

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