Cabby vs Prius

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Cabby vs Prius

Post by Briano1234 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:17 am

Well today we had but an inch of powered snow.

My daughter had to be at work, and I had a Dr. appt at 7:45.
@ 6:30am I tried to get my daughters Prius up and out my drive...
To say it was a Futile attempt was understatement.

Got in the Cabby, started the car and let it warm up....
Placed it in Drive low, and it got up the drive no issues.......

Moral of the story.... I had to plow the drive with the cabby, then throw down some salt I finally got the prius turned around and got it out of the drive...The prius only uses Electric to power reverse...and the motor couldn't get the wheels to push up the snow....Once I got it turned around and pointed Sideways, I got the car up my hill and out on the street.....

So who says new fangle stuff is better..... Way to Go Toyota....

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