Washer jug meets Pulley

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Washer jug meets Pulley

Post by Briano1234 »

Evidently the last time I removed my washer jug for a photo op for a Tex'er, I didn't get the jug properly seated.
Driving my car Top up a/c on the Belt started to squeel, and it figured I need to tighten it a wee bit more...
Getting home I discovered that my jug came off the mount and met up with the a/c pulley. No good deed goes unpunished.


Ok, I duct taped it till I could locate a new one... The Prices they want were out friggin rageous.

So I found one on Amazon from China... 22 bucks new free shipping. OK, I will bite, but I also needed new grommets.


Have to wait for near a month, ok, Duct tape.... to quote the Rock " If duct tape won't hold you need more Duct Tape."

I received my jug today after a 2 week wait.

So I thought it was smaller than the oem. Nope.

The only difference I saw was the cap didn't have the Vent holes the oem did, and there was Chinese writing on it.
SO I used the old cap on the new jug.

So I installed it it looks nice bright and white, didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it or the grommets.

I had found a new to me one in the yard that wasn't wholey, so I put that one in my Green car and was going to use the battered one in mine till the new one arrived.

As my Green Cabbies Jug has a similar fate, but it was at least semi repairable and would hold fluid without duct tape.

So if you need a jug don't be afraid of the Amazon Chinese one.

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