It wouldn't be Christmas.........

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It wouldn't be Christmas.........

Post by Briano1234 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:28 pm

It wouldn't be Christmas if the Cabbies didn't require Service.
Daughter Called, the Blue Cabby has a flat tire.
Throw the Jack in the Van along with a 17,, socket and breaker bar.
Drive over to Daughters Get behind a elderly lady in a Beemer, that can only drive 20 MPH in a 45 two lane.
Get to the daughters, and Gee.......
Don't have the 6mm Socket to take the Allen bolt out of the cover.
Substitute a flat blade Screw driver and Vice-Grips. Screw out.
Lift the Cabby to get the jack under the frame.
Remove the Flat, yep nail in the middle of the tread.
Pull out the Spare, it is just about as flat.
Luckily I have a air compressor at the Daughters, no air chuck.
I have a Pump in-built in the van, and a air hose.
Ok, Get the air inflator out of the van and pump up the tire.
Put the spare on the car, take the jack out, return the compressor hose to the carrying case, and hide it.
Take the handle out of the jack and place in the van.
When I get the car home, I throw a 6mm allen in the Glove box.
The 8mm triple Square screws were replaced with chrome 6mm Allen's.

Merry Christmas.... I wish I had a plug to patch the tire, but alas that will wait for the morrow.
Today is all about Family, Food, and Festivities.

Yes as matter of fact, I have the Luck o'the Irish...everything I touch turns to fertilizer of the bovine variety.
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