Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Did you see something that was supposed to be a car at one time and now looks like the frankenstein monster? If so take some pics of that fugly thing and post them here. This also goes for any other "rice" you may find littering the streets or shows.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Post by Briano1234 »

Great Cabriolet Stocking stuffers: Lets start asking Santa Now, here is a short list I can think of.

Bentley: ... 542&sr=8-1

8mm Triple Square: ... ring+tools

12mm Triple Square: ... valvetrain

Injector puller CIS: ... valvetrain

FLat foam to replace the Side vent foam, or center vent. ... BBBDA64FE7

Fuses: they glow when blown ... 67693.html

Mightyvac: ... uum+tester

Flex Gear wrench: ... allpartial

DVOm: ... 37772.html

Dental picks: ... 93514.html

Dead Blow hammer: ... 41800.html ... 95129.html ... 39648.html

Bottle Jack: ... 66450.html

Metric bolt kit:

Wobble Extensons; ... 67922.html


Mcpherson Strut compressor: ... -3980.html

Mini Led Flashlights: ... 97036.html

Colored electrical tape: ... 66462.html

Convertible Top Repair Kit: ... 94714.html

Bolt kits: ... CHkQ8wIwAA

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Re: Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Post by Calimus »

Very good idea and the glowing fuse's are a really neat idea. I might have to get some of those.
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Re: Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Post by CalAltaDubber »

Brian, you have covered every cabby owner's needs.

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Re: Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Post by eric4321 »

Glowing fuses and colored electrical tape-what will they think of next? I have most of those tools in one form or another and they (just like Rabbits) are always multiplying! I just had a harbor frieght open about 15 min from home and I could spend hours their. Good list of the basics any Cabby owner needs Brian.
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