Cabriolet + trampoline =

Did you see something that was supposed to be a car at one time and now looks like the frankenstein monster? If so take some pics of that fugly thing and post them here. This also goes for any other "rice" you may find littering the streets or shows.

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Cabriolet + trampoline =

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Residentevol wrote:...I'm not sure if this is going to be as epic to you guys as it was to me but here it goes.

Past sunday a buddy of mine in the office told me he had bought a trampoline and tried to drive it home in the middle of the night. He pulled off of the road into a field when he saw a car coming to try and be *safe*. Well the car coming happened to be a polizei they drove past but immediately flipped around and came back to investigate. They originally thought they saw a small helicopter parked in a field. What they found was something completely different, an 85 cabriolet with a giant trampoline strapped to the roof.

HAHA... ... 37,2663350

and crude translation:

Police check: trampoline on the roof of your car
The officials of the police Wittlicher should not have trusted their eyes: In the middle of the night would carry a driver over a wide trampoline with his car. The police stopped the man before he could drive off.
(red), as the police, police were at a strip night ride in Großlittgen (Kreis Bernkastel-Wittlich) remarks on the night of Sunday, a car that was ready to leave on the edge of the property. On the roof of the car the owner had rigged the vehicle, a diameter of about four meters wide trampoline with four straps. He wanted to get going just to bring the sports equipment to someone I know in about eleven kilometers from city bed field.

Claims to be the innocent man had sought extra protection at night to threaten anyone, since the car with his now over-width cargo had. The police instructed the driver to disassemble the trampoline and to store it in pieces in his car - what this did.

(Stolen from The Car Lounge)

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Re: Cabriolet + trampoline =

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Here is Georgia that would be a par-for-the-course kind of thing. You should see what folks will strap to their cars.

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Re: Cabriolet + trampoline =

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