I've Got Your Sign

Did you see something that was supposed to be a car at one time and now looks like the frankenstein monster? If so take some pics of that fugly thing and post them here. This also goes for any other "rice" you may find littering the streets or shows.

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I've Got Your Sign

Post by Briano1234 »

Well, the title for my impound purchase finally arrived, so I got around to calling one of those Tow-your-car-for-free places...
Told them that it was a junker, that didn't run was gutted no interior, but the engine and tranny was in the car....
They called back and said "What do you mean by Gutted and no Interior, and does it run?" DOHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So I hitched it up to the Pathfinder and pulled it up the hill, to wait for them to Tow-it-off, and I'll be damned if 3 different folks pulled in my driveway to ask if it was runnable and for sale.......................Geeeezzzzz...

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Re: I've Got Your Sign

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Never underestimate the power of ...

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